Maya ACT, SAT, and PSAT Classes offer compelling results


We organized and sponsored a Hackathon contest for Walled Lake Western High School students and gave away $2,000 in prizes, including the "big check" of $1,000 to the winner - Max Hamilton

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  • Maya ACT Preparation classes started in 2010 October with 3 students
  • Today, around 40-50 students actively participate in our weekly classes
  • More than the quantity, quality has always been our focus


  • Numerous students with an ACT Composite score of 36, 35, 34, and 33 out of 36 (99.xx percentile)
  • More than 70% of students with an ACT Composite Score of 30/36 (96 percentile) or above and an average score improvement of 5 points
  • Average SAT Composite Score is 2200/2400 with a score improvement of 500 points
  • Many of our students have secured above the ACT and SAT composite scores of 33 and 2250 (99 percentile) respectively
  • Our students have been admitted to MIT, University of Michigan (LSA, Engg, & Ross), Northwestern (including direct Medical program), Cornell, UC Berkeley, Notre Dame, Case Western, Michigan State, Wayne State (Med Stat Program), Purdue, University of Virginia, University of Chicago, UC Santa Barbara, and other fine universities

Objectives for this 2016

  • At least a few students with perfect scores of 36 for ACT and 1600 for SAT
  • At least 70% students with a score of 30 or higher for ACT and 1400 or higher for SAT
  • At least 90% students with a 99 percentile score in PSAT ensuring their entry into the National Merit semifinals

​             Note that we don't filter incoming students based on their past grades or GPA.  All registrations are handled on a first come basis